Please be informed we noticed pirated VENTO and ALASKA brand name websites

Dear Valuable Customers,

Recently, products of unknown origin have appeared one after another and claimed to be VENTO ceiling fans sold on various online market in Singapore, seriously affecting the safety and rights of users.

In order to protect the legal rights of consumers and our company, we hereby declare:

1. Currently the only legally authorized distribution in Singapore is S & B Group Pte Ltd.
2. The distribution models are FINO DC, FINO3, FINO CHIC only.
3. No after-sales service will be provided if the products are not purchased from S & B Group Pte Ltd and their authorize retailer.
4. The company is not responsible for any personal or property damage caused by non-use of the company's legal products.
Thank you for support VENTO ceiling fans, If you find any suspicious products please contact us.

Please see the link below for the list of legally authorized distributors in various countries:
Only by purchasing goods through legally authorized channels of VENTO ceiling fans can you obtain good after-sales service and protect related consumer rights.

If you have any doubts or related questions, please call the Taiwan customer service hotline or write to us.
Thank you.