Compared with stand fans, ceiling fans can directly bring the cold air to any corner of the room, so air-conditioner use together with ceiling fans can quickly achieve the effect of cooling the room, and the air-conditioner does not need to be setting at a very low temperature. Every 1 degree high can save 6% of electricity, and then achieve the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction.

1) Make sure the power supply is correct, if input the wrong power may caused the fan broken.
2) Decide on a location for your fan, choose the right ceiling fan size.
3) Make sure the ceiling firm enough, at least withhold weight of 30kg.
4) Make sure whether the ceiling height is sufficient. It is recommended that the ceiling fan be at least 220cm from the ground.
5) Do not installed ceiling fan underneath the lighting, that will cause shadow shaking.

Measuring the length and width of your area then multiplying those two numbers together to get the area in feet squared (ft2).

When you order please inquiry with the sales rep. Downrod 30, 45, and 60 cm are standard length.

For your own safety please check, repair by a qualified electrician.

1) Check all fixing screws are firm, like motor collar, downrod, and hanging bracket..
2) Make sure the strength of the ceiling is firm. For example, the wooden ceiling must be reinforced with materials of more than 10mm. If the reinforcement is not solid enough, which will cause the ceiling and ceiling fans to have a resonance effect.

1) Check hanging ball tenon embedded with hanging bracket.
2) Check the screws of the blades.
3) Check all fixing screws are tighten, such as yoke, downrod, and hanging bracket.
4) If still wobble, follow the procedure of manual to adjust the assemble order of the blades.

1) While install fan the distance at least more than 60cm between fan blade and wall.
2) When two ceiling fans are installed parallel on ceiling, the distance should be more than 150cm.
3) Avoid install fan in the decorative sunken panel in a ceiling, or extend downrod make sure the blade lower than the decorative panel.
4) AC motor- check the reverse switch on the motor at the correct side. DC motor- press again of the reverse switch on remote control.

1) Check wiring if any disconnected and the power supply is on.
2) If the fan with reverse switch, check the button on the correct position.
3) Check the power of the remote control, if with weak power please replace the battery.