About US

VENTO is the leading brand of ceiling fans.
We build the unique of VENTO, listen to every user's voice. We understand the user's need and wishes. Sharing the VENTO value with all the users. We are confident that the design, serious technics, safety or product life of our developed ceiling fans are the first worldwide.Hope that our products will let you throw off the impression which the ceiling fans are always non-designed and shaking back and forth.
“VENTO”, this character is the Italian “wind”, “air”.
“VENTO” not only represents the pneumatic and air convection, also express our ceiling fans' Italian high-quality fashionable esthetics and superior craft on design & technology. It's also announced the Alaska Third Generation's prospect and strength. Vento logo is designed from the outlook of steel sheet, and steel sheet is the core of motor design. Emphasizing the base, delicate extension, we concentrate on all the details. Five “V” are extensions of VENTO central idea.
We believe that if a firm would like to operate sustainably, only caused by its products’ brilliant quality and continuous innovation. Thus, we have been invested continually on the most exact R&D equipment and test instruments to cooperate with our total computerized production, also working together with Japan’s technique to raise our R&D capability and the total life quality.
since 1950
SHENG YUAN ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was established in 1950, and it has already operated over a half century, and honesty, quality, service and innovation are always our management objectives. Following these objectives, we set up the brand, Alaska, in 1972, and Sheng Yuan has invested for manufacturing, design, producing ventilator fan and art ceiling fan…etc., also our high quality products are selling domestic and overseas with affirmative by widespread.
  • 1950
    Mr. Liu Yen-Sheng (grandfather of the president chairman) founded SHENG YUAN IRON WORKS, as an enterprise of single ownership, specializing in the manufacturing of electric ceiling fans and desk fans for domestic market.
  • 1972
    Developing overseas market actively in ceiling fan and knitting machine fieleds and promoting our brandname of “ALASKA.
  • 1976
    The capital was increased and the current company name SHENG YUAN ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was adopted to reflect its nature of business, Mr. Liu Cheng -Ta was appointed as chairman of the company.
  • 1981
    The 1st subsidiary company, PAN AIR ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was set up to produce Decorative Ceiling Fans.
  • 1989
    SHENG YUAN cooperated with a Japanese company to manufacture Exhaust Fan by O.D.M. base for Japanese market.
  • 1993
    The subsidiary company, ALASKA ELECTRIC CORP. (U.S.A) was set up at L.A, USA for warehouse sales and service of Ceiling Fan at USA markets.
  • 1995
    SHENG YUAN cooperated with a famous Japanese company to produce Vacuum Cleaner by O.D.M. base.
  • 2008
    Vertical window-type air-stir into the market.
  • 2009
    Started to open up and promote Taiwan and overseas market under the brandname of “VENTO”.
  • 2010
    June 1 at the Shanghai Xuhui District, Shanghai VENTO Electric Co., Ltd. was established.
  • 2011
    Fiore, Sole and Libellula series are awarded the Taiwan Golden Pin in June. Furthermore, "Vento" won the Innovation Champion of Chinese Brand of Asia Brand Award and the Top 10 Innovation Youth Enterpreneur of Asia Brand Award in 6th Asia Brand Ceremony in September. And we're honored to be arrpoved member of H.K. Aisa Brand Association.
  • 2012
    Fino², Mela and Uragano series were awarded the Taiwan Golden Pin in June, and Uragano series also awarded the Japan Good Design Award in October.
  • 2013
    Belle epoque and Nestro series were awarded the Taiwan Golden Pin.
  • 2016
    PAGAIA series were awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016.
  • 2017
    SWISH series were awarded the 26th Taiwan Excellence.
  • 2018
    SWISH series were awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2018.